Portfolio // Artificial Turf

Enjoy a beautiful and low maintenance landscape with high quality artificial turf. Griffin’s Desert Scapes, Inc can install a green play area for kids and pets, putting greens, borders for walkways or patios, and terraces or simply replace your existing sod with a natural looking and environmentally friendly artificial lawn you never have to water, weed or mow. 

All of our artificial turf that we install is the best you can buy and ranges from 50 Oz up to 88 Oz (not including the backing).  We take special precautions when prepping for your artificial turf installation to make sure you don’t have any problems in the future with grass/weeds/drainage/etc. All of our turf also comes a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty and is American Made.  Where turf is made is very important in the turf world due to some turf being made internationally and is almost always much lower quality, doesn’t last as long and doesn’t have the look and feel of good quality turf (beware of the companies that offer very low prices on turf, as you always get what you pay for!).

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