Portfolio // Pergolas

Modern pergolas are a great way to provide shade and shelter from the Arizona sun.  Griffin’s Desert Scapes, Inc. installs free standing pergolas to create a defined dining or relaxation space within your yard or attached pergolas to your house, deck or patio to extend the the outdoor living space. Regardless of which you choose, a high quality pergola levels up the style and function of your home, creating a beautiful focal point with clean lines and simple design.

Griffin’s Desert Scapes, Inc. specializes in Alumawood pergolas. These pergolas tend to be much less expensive than real wood pergolas and hold up 10 times better than real wood over an extended period.  hey can all withstand winds up to 110 mph. All of these products come with a lifetime warranty against paint chipping or peeling. This is a great alternative to a real wood Pergola and are extremely sturdy as well. All Alumawood pergolas have steel posts with solid concrete footings with horizontal and vertical rebar, and most have steel C-beam inserts to add to their support.

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